Welcome to the Anglican Benedictine Order of the Holy Cross,
represented in Aotearoa-New Zealand by Associates of the Order,
living according to the Rule of Saint Benedict

The Order of Holy Cross is an Anglican Benedictine community of monks who live in the Abbey, Monasteries and Priories of the Order worldwide. The monastic communities are companioned by communities of Associates who live outside the cloister. (www.holycrossmonastery.com)

Associates of OHC comprise lay and ordained men and women who adopt a Rule of Life that accords in connection with Benedictine Spirituality through the set of life principles and practices as expressed in the Rule of Benedict. These principles for those seeking to more deeply live the gospel life, were drawn together in the 6th Century by Saint Benedict of Nursia who is often called the 'Father of Western Monasticism'.

Benedictine Spirituality provides a basis for personal faith expression in the world, yet binds together in prayer those who self-identify with this particular Christian way of being. Following the example of Christ, Benedict placed great emphasis on prayer as being God's work but also for being hospitable in the world, loving others as we would want to be loved.
Be still and know that I am God(Psalm 46:10)Bene Logo
Love your neighbour as yourself (Mark 12:31)Christ Sign

The relationship between the Monastic Life Professed monks and the Associates of the Order is one of belonging together in a family of prayer. Admission to the community-in-diaspora of Associates follows a time of preparation with a formator - an Associate who has set aside time to walk with and support those seeking admission to this community of faith.

Admission locally as an Associate of the Order (OHCNZ) means to be included in the dispersed community of the wider Order and affiliated with Associates of Holy Cross (AHC) worldwide. The rite for Admission usually occurs during a parish eucharist with other Associates present. This is because we co-identify our parochial ministries with our Benedictine expression of faith brought together through our membership of the Order.

Postulants for Admission promise to follow Christ in the spirit of Saint Benedict's teaching. This includes a commitment to listen and respond to the voice of God revealed to the world through the all-inclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ. They declare a desire to act on behalf of justice and peace, professing their intention to live according to their promises of
Stability, Obedience and Conversion of Life. All this is based on the basic values of Benedictine Spirituality, where we are encouraged to centre our lives in Community, Hospitality, Balance and Mindfulness.

When admitted to OHCNZ, Associates receive a plain wooden Cross, which is worn both liturgically, and at other times as chosen by the individual. The crosses received by Associates in Aotearoa-New Zealand are made from ancient swamp Kauri and serve to identify our locational heritage while also connecting us to the wider Holy Cross family of prayer and the timeless faith we have in Christ whose Cross of Exultation we joyfully wear.

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